Details on 9th National Conference on Men's Issues: Kolkata, 2017

Dear Mens Right Activists/Stakeholders,
Hridaya Nest for Family Harmony is happy to invite delegates for the 9th National Conference on Men's Issues, Kolkata- 2017 (9NatCon). The Conference will provide an opportunity for experts and principal stakeholders of the men’s movement in India and abroad to come together, discuss pressing and dormant issues, resolve and summarize the way forward for the movement. Since this year’s edition of the National Conference is being held in Kolkata, the City of Joy, the theme of the agenda shall be spiced with a fine mixture of Bengali sweetness and ambience.
Please take this opportunity to mark your calendars and make your travel arrangements to reach Kolkata latest by the morning of 13th August 2017. Make your travel arrangements early on to avoid disappointments.The outline of the 9NatCon schedule is given below.
Initially we are hosting a maximum of 100 people for 2017 Nat Con. Later, if we find more candidates interested to attend the conference, we will accept booking in multiples of 3. To make it more clear, after 100, only when 3 more candidates show interest, we will confirm their bookings, else we will keep the person in waiting list till we find 2 more candidates or there is a cancellation.
Merlin Greens, Diamond Harbour Road,
Kriparampur, West Bengal 743503, INDIA
Phone: +91-33-2470-9928
Venue Location:
Venue Distance:
Howrah Railway Station:      35 kms
Santragachi Railway Station:         35 km
Shalimar Railway Station:             32 km
Dumdum Airport:   50 km

Registration Fees: Rs 5000/head
Check-in at Venue:              12 Noon, Sunday, 13thAugust 2017,
Check-out from Venue:       10 AM, Tuesday, 15th August 2017
Delegates are requested to arrive till Tollygunge, Kolkata in AC buses easily available from station/airport. From there, arrangements will be made to reach the venue. Two trips will be made and the timing will be decided once the travel details of delegates is known. Delegates arriving later than that will have to make their own transportation arrangements.  

Likewise, departing delegates shall be grouped into vehicles starting at specific timings on the morning of 15thAugust 2017. Delegates leaving early or late have to make their own transportation arrangements.
Additional help in this issue shall be provided only on the basis of availability of resources
Each chapter has nominated their SPOC for communications, coordination, nominations of delegates and payment processing. SPOCs shall be receiving the procedure to be followed for nomination and payment processing.

This year's Men's conference will concentrate on the next level of activities that the movement needs to take up to counter the constant misandry in society.
First of all, we are inviting videos pertaining to men's rights made on or after Jan 2017. The best video will be awarded a prize.
Video Submission Guidelines:
  • Video can be made in any language but subtitles must be present in English.
  • Movies should be submitted by 15 July 2017 positively.
  • Movies should not be more than 10 minutes duration.
  • The jury decided by the organizers will be selecting the best videos and their decision will be final.
  • Movies cane be sent in a CD/DVD/Pen Drive only to Hridaya at the address mentioned below.

Address: Hridaya Nest of family Harmony,  
26/5B Ballygunge Circular Road,
Kolkata - 700 019

Other than this, we also have decided to take a step towards some serious research topics on real world scenarios.
These topics are designed keeping in mind next level of the movement where we will understand different policies and international lingo of human rights. This will enable us to speak in a language that UN and our law makers understand.

There will be 8 research topics given with relevant reference materials. We need volunteers who will pick those topics (one each) and present in the conference and our journey to research on Men's Rights will start. 

Research Topics:

UN's perspective of gender rights, Flaws and Men's Rights perspectives
Gender Violence and International Crisis
Gender Justice and reconciliation
Gender Inequality, Economic development and Globalization
How to overcome gender bias and misandry in patriarchal society
Gender justice , How judges are trained
Matrimonial Laws and Gender Justice
Secondary victimization of rape victims

. 1
Announcement of 9th National Conference
1st April 2017
Last date for Nomination of SPOCs for each chapter
15 April 2017
Last date for Submission of Movies:
15 July 2017
Last date to send thesis papers on research topics
10 July 2017
Last date to send presentation on the topics
31 July 2017
Last date for payment of Delegate Fee :
Phase 1: 10 June 2017
Phase 2: 25 June 2017
Last date for submission of final list of Delegates:
30 June 2017
Last date for submission of 2-minute video for showcasing each chapter’s 2016-17 achievements
30 June 2017
Schedule of bus/transport timings at Arrival points
30 July 2017

  • The above price per delegate is on the basis of Triple Occupancy. (3 people per room). Room allocation will be done nearer to the conference date.
  • The delegate fee includes stay, food and conference at the venue from 13thto 15thAugust 2017 and limited travel arrangements at specific times from arrival points to venue and from the venue to the departure points.
  • Online bank account details are given below. Delegate registrations have to be done compulsorily via SPOCs for chapter members.
  • SPOCs need to send the list of candidates to the mail id asap. However confirmation will be done only after receipt of the fees.
  • Registration fees has been decided at Rs 5000 per head.
  • Practicing lawyers strictly not allowed for national meet.
  • As seats are limited, each chapter is allotted a tentative figure of 10 delegates. Filling of seats are made on first-come-first-serve basis by the SPOC. Additional bookings may be kept on waitlist to be adjusted on availability.
  • To ensure your allotment, please contact your SPOC immediately for further details.
  • Hridaya reserves the right for allotment or non-allotment of seats.

Bank Details: 

Please check with SPOCs.

Additional notifications shall be communicated to SPOCs from time to time. Please keep in touch with your SPOCs, make the registrations and make your travel arrangements early and have a power packed meet in Kolkata.

SPOCs have been appointed for each chapter. SPOC contact information shall be intimated updated and circulated soon. Any new SPOCs to please send their contact details to

For any other queries, pls contact the Nat Con Team:

1. D S Rao: +91 98301 51555
2. Amartya Talukdar ( City Tour ): +91 94324 06339
3. Saurabh Banerjee: +91 88899 77004


  1. Its excellent that a forum like this exists where the much ignored men's issues are addressed although conducted privately by a few concerned people, self-help groups and NGOs. The Indian democracy needs to wake up to the fact that men's issues need representations in governments at all levels - national, state, district, taluka etc and that a Purush Ayog/Samiti or Men's Ministry be formed at the earliest.

  2. I have some ideas and want to contact the some senior members.I just saw only around 8000 members even after around 12 years.It shows the group needs to implement some new ideas.I am unmarried and wanted to fight for cause of gender neutral laws since 2010. But, I knew about this organisation today.There is no publicity of this organisation.The first thing we need to do is awareness.This organisation is failing in creating awareness. I have never seen any members of this organisation in any schools and colleges.Ask for permission to schools and colleges to create awareness about gender neutral laws.Then only we can increase the strength of organisations.Then only we can force political parties and SC to listen our plights.There is urgent need of spreading information about this organisations.I know more than 10 persons who can be active members of this organisation but they don't even know the name of this organisation.There is no FB publicity for this organisation.I really want to contact some senior members. plz contact me at


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